Carla Rees, British Flute Society: Stalks in the Breeze

"This exciting recording contains five new pieces for flute and electronics by Seattle-based composers. The material is fresh and interesting. I particularly enjoyed Bret Battey's Pater Noster's Tricycle Companion, which was exciting in its refreshing departure from most that is associated with the flute... This disc also contains a work composed by Sarah Bassingthwaighte herself, Rat Thoughts, which is beautifully constructed and shows that perhaps the era of the player-composer is returning." (2006)

Carla Rees, British Flute Society: Flute Meets Machine

"The playing is highly convincing and all the pieces are performed with polish and virtuosity. While these pieces are likely to be quite different from "ordinary" flute music, it is well worth exploring, if nothing else just to get a glimpse of what the flute is capable of in the twenty-first century." (2006)

Computer Music Journal: Bright Air/Brilliant Fire

"A must-have for every electro-acoustic music collector." (2001)

Hal Ott, Central Washington University

"The playing is so delightfully rich and inventive. The tone is deep, and she employs such a fantastic variety of colors in the playing. Outstanding work!" (2006)

Pan Magazine (Journal of the British Flute Society)

"Bassingthwaighte's performance is good, with a hypnotic and rich sound. The tone quality is full of depth and power. Bassingthwaighte seems to have a particular talent for communicating the message of contemporary pieces, and she is very convincing on this recording. The choice of repertoire alone makes this recording a valuable addition to any CD collection." (2007)

Bonnie Blanchard, Author of the Music for Life Series (Indiana University)

"Sarah Bassingthwaighte and Tina Kuratashvili take us on a whirlwind musical tour of the Soviet Union. Both players create a balance of sound, and of excitement, throughout the CD as they reveal the power and the tenderness of this emotional music. My favorites are the charming Six Pieces by Fiket Amirov and the rhythmically exciting Taktakishvilli. I'm pleased to recommend this CD." (2009)

Melinda Bargreen, Seattle Times, Dec 18

"A solo flute album by this Northwest flutist/composer, showcasing her rich, warm tone in 10 very different works. Among them: Debussy's sensuous "Syrinx" and two well-crafted pieces by Seattle composers (Roger Nelson and Bern Herbolsheimer)." (2006)